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Feeling Blue

24 Jul

I am feeling really upset at the moment.

Yesterday I rang the hospital to see what was happening with the sleep apnea test. She said I was on the waiting list and was down as urgent and would check how long the list was. When she came back she said it was… 18 months! Even though I’m urgent. My heart sank.

So I thought I would ring my nurse at Morriston Hospital and got her answer phone message saying she was on annual leave until the 31st! Great. I asked Linda if the letter she had last week came with a number to ring.

I rang them and asked if I was meant to have an appointment with Mr Caplin and she said no, there was nothing on there for me, it said I was discharged from Mr Barrys clinic and there was a message on there saying undecided or something and nothing was waiting for me.

I came off the phone and I just cried. I have a week to wait before I can speak to Nia and then I just feel like I’m getting on her nerves. I have emailed so many times.

So going off the information I have right now, I’m not going to be getting the op this year, maybe not even next year.

I don’t think I can cope that long. I don’t know what I’m going to do :/


Not for me YET!

18 Jul

I had a message on Facebook earlier from my BFFS Linda saying she had a letter this morning and did I have mine.

I had nothing :/ but the post hadn’t been so I was hoping. The letter was for an appointment at the beginning of October to see a Mr Caplin, it said a follow up letter. This is so far away it’s unbelievable! Linda thinks he will be the one to give us our diets, so then thats another month from there, so if thats the case surgery won’t be until the second week of November, it might as well be next year to me right now! So disappointed.

I did have a letter in the post though from St Woolos hospital saying I was on the waiting list for the sleep apnea. So thats something at least.

I just want this to hurry up as soon as possible, I want to be on the other side of surgery, this heat is slowly killing me I think. I don’t want to do anything and the dogs have had enough!

Hoping I’ll get my letter tomorrow.

Going to watch The Interns with my sister now, hopefully it’s as funny as it looks!

More Appointments

13 Jul

I’ve had a few more appointments at the hospital.

Went to see the anesthetist, everything went well, he seemed more concerned about sleep apnea and explaining about that and how it affects everything, so I’m still waiting on that test, which is very frustrating as I’ve phoned my hospital and they have not had the referral as of yet.

He told me how they blow up your tummy like a beach ball (I guess thats where the gas pain comes from!) so they have access to everything they need. I don’t like the sound of this. Every few months I get ill from wind trapped, its so painful it wakes me up and night and there is nothing I can do to make the pain stop. It’s a horrible pain!

As I said with my last post, he said yes there isnt anything wrong that he can see to stop me getting the surgery.

Last Tuesday I had to go see Professor Stephens, he was the non surgical consultant or something like that and also specialises in diabetes.

He checked me over for Cushing’s Syndrome, which I don’t have. He also said to cut my food down by 1/3 as its going to be a huge change in what I’m eating and to start reducing it now. Easy if I was eating a lot, I’m still eating bad stuff and not real food :/ I had put on half a kilo, I was expecting more, but would have been better if it was coming off! I will come off my Metformin and Bydureon before surgery and he will come and check sugars and other medication after the op.

So now I’m waiting for the appointment back to the consultant. They are really pushing me for the sleeve, saying they are having alot of good results with it and obviously it’s safer, which is good in my world :p

Also waiting for the other test, which is annoying me.

Looking at surgery in October possibly, I shall know more soon!




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