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Back on track

23 Aug

Two weeks ago I realised I had to do something before I ruined my chances of having this operation.

So I decided to find a Slimming World that was close to me and go. I was so scared before I left the house, breathing deeply to try and stay calm and knowing I had to walk there as well was making it worse, but I didn’t want to ask anyone to take me because I wanted to do this by myself and feel like I had done it for me with only myself for help, if that makes sense. After not going out for three years and then having a husband do everything for you it was huge and scary for me!

But I made it, I might have been hot, sweaty, tired and in pain by the time I got there, but I did it!

So I’m calling this my pre diet diet! lol

I love Slimming World it is my favourite way to eat and I lost seven and a half stone (105lbs) on it previously, but something always makes me stop and then it all goes back on :(

I knew what the scales were going to tell me before I weighed, so I wasn’t too worried about that, but I’m pleased to say I lost 8lbs the first week and yesterday I had lost another 7lbs so 15lbs or 1stone 1pound in two weeks!

I’m very happy to say the least.

And I wish I could keep doing it this way, but I know it won’t last. I know I am being so strict right now because I have a goal that’s not far away, I wanted to have lost another stone before I went back to the hospital and now I have done that, I’m going for two, but it’s because it’s temporary. I just want the hospital to see that I will do this after surgery and having this is the right choice for me.

Some pics of food I have been eating the last two weeks so I can get them off my phone, but still remember. Some of it might not look so nice, but tasted lush!

20130812_181322 20130812_130038 20130811_172422 20130811_140202 20130811_124629 20130810_203351 20130810_132801 20130809_193923 20130821_205502


All Clear

6 Aug

I did the test over the weekend, had a twelve hour sleep on Friday, had a few naps on Saturday too, think all that blood took it out of me!

Went back to Swansea yesterday, in horrendous rain, could hardly see in front of the car. Handed it in waited to make sure the data was okay.

Emailed Nia today to say I had done it and she said she had the print out this morning and the anesthetist was looking at it, then she emailed me back to say it was all clear, she had to make my appointment at the end of October to see the consultant then the next step after that is surgery!

Im so scared, nervous and excited all in one!

Bring it on!

Good News!

2 Aug

Today is a good day! Although it hasn’t been easy to get here.

Wednesday I rang Nia to ask about the waiting list, she said as it was a different health board there was nothing she could do. She said the waiting list was ridiculous and I should complain and I couldn’t have it at Morriston as I would need to have the treatment at my local hospital.

I came off the phone and cried, alot! How am I going to wait 6-18 months just to find out if I have sleep apnea, then it has to be treated for three months after that. I felt like it was never going to happen.So I looked online to see where I could complain and found a number and rang them, explained the situation and she said someone would get back to me. A woman phoned me back the next day to say she had spoken to someone who said that Nia could ask Mr Barry to expedite the referral to make it quicker and said Nia agreed to talk to Mr Barry. So that made me feel a whole lot better!

In the meantime Linda had gone to the hospital for research they are doing with regards to diabetes and surgery, they want to see the effects surgery has on the hormones in the gut and if the insulin starts working again after and she overheard the nurses talking about a Hayley and not being able to get in touch with her. I rang around a few places and finally got the right people and it was me they were looking for and asked me if I could come too. Of course I said yes and went this morning.

My freckly arm!

I had to have what seemed like all my blood taken into two syringes, then a cannula put in my arm so they could take bloods every 15 minutes for an hour after I had been given the most horrible syrupy sugary drink ever! Then the last test at two hours. I have to have the test repeated at one month post op and six months to see what the sugars are like.

The doctor also asked me to take part in another study they are doing about breathing. I had to breathe into a mask for five minutes and they were analysing my oxygen to see if fat or carbohydrates were being used to make the oxygen? I think that’s what she said, I also have to have this done post op too, to see if anything has changed with the reduced fat.

When I was there I was talking to the nurse and she was asking if I had a date and I explained the situation to her and I said I was going to try and find Nia and see about the letter and the nurse said she would ring her for me and get her to pop up and see me.

Nia turned up like a happy whirlwind as usual (I love her!) and we had a chat, she said that she was doing the letter today and it can cut the wait down to about three months, so I was like “yeah great!” then I had a thought, I did that test they do to see if you should be tested when I was anemic and before I was on meds for diabetes so of course I was going to be tired. I don’t fall asleep in the middle of conversations though and I sleep on my tummy all the time (can’t sleep any other way!) So I said are you sure I can’t get the test done here and she said but you would have to bring the equipment back in the morning (which would be Monday now) I said I don’t care about that, I’ll bring it right back, so she said let me see what I can do.

Can totally see why this little thing takes 18 months at Aneurin Bevan and five mins at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg?????????!?!?!

Can totally see why this little thing takes 18 months at Aneurin Bevan and five mins at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg?????????!?!?!

Off she went and about 15 minutes later she came back and said yes! I could get it there today and bring it back on Monday. OMG I can’t even tell you how happy I am. So I am now in possession of a little watch thingy thats going to monitor me while I sleep. You the thing that could have possibly taken me EIGHTEEN MONTHS here I got within minutes there! How is that even possible? Something is seriously messed up with the NHS.

So I am now one happy little (well not really!) bunny!

By the end of next week Nia will have the results, if they are negative I get to go ahead with surgery with no other delays and if I do have sleep apnea, well I know I need to get it treated before hand, I really don’t want to die, so I know there will be a reason for the delay.

The other good bit of news is she is going to get me into the clinic with Linda on the 8th October as I will need to see that surgeon too.

I can’t stop smiling today!


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