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Week from Hell!

31 Aug

I started to write a post the other day, but this week has been so hectic, it got left and went to drafts and seems pretty pointless now.

I have had a terrible week, my brother went away to Bulgaria on the 22nd, last Monday my dad had a call saying he had his drinks spiked and had been beaten up and was coming home the next day, from that moment on there has been nothing but drama and stress and worry in my life, but I did NOT turn to food, yay go me! I stayed strong and stuck to my LSD and think I am better for it, I really don’t know how I managed it. My brother didn’t come home in the end and is due just before midnight tomorrow night, I am so relieved this week is almost at an end, its been a killer!

I have been out walking a bit with the dogs, I found these lovely memory foam shoes from Sketchers, my feet no longer burn! Happy Hayley and happier dogs lol

Getting much better with controlling my food, but I’m still starving most of the time, some of the food I have been eating is below. I can’t wait to be on the other side, I’m looking forward to creating low carb alternatives, I’ve been saving so many recipes, though I know I have a long way to that yet, but it’s fun collecting them.

11 days left, not long now, I was putting some stuff in my suitcase and realised how long is left and it made my tummy flip, so excited and nervous!

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Day Five

22 Aug

… I’m still alive! :D

I really don’t think I’m doing well on this LSD at all. I know most people probably feel the same. If only we had a way to look inside ourselves to see how the liver is doing! lol

I wish I didn’t have a “free” foods list, I see that and go into Slimming World mode :/

I posted on WLSinfo Facebook group last night and asked if anyone would look over My Fitness Pal for me and give any advice. I had a few replies that have helped me. One person has offered to send me her diet as it seems like mine, but with limits and I think I need that.

So from today I’m going to be a bit more restrictive and see how it goes.

I weighed this morning and I think I have lost about 5kg since I weighed at hospital, but I was in clothes there and I wasn’t this morning, so not sure if that is accurate, but I’ll take it for now.

I have cooked alot of quorn fillets so I think I’m going to mainly eat that with some cheese today. It’s kind of like chicken, but with more carbs …and not being chicken! lol




17 Aug

I’ve been thinking about this moment for a long time, wondering how hard it is, will I be able to do it, will I fail, will I even get here. Well here I am, day two of Liver Shrinkage Diet and it feels somewhat surreal to be honest.

I am meant to be starting tomorrow, but I was so fed up with eating stuff I really didn’t want to eat I started two days early.

In the day I was fine, but come evening I was very fed up, I had a mainly eggs and cheese and the egg was annoying me! lol I was freezing cold too, I was in bed by 8pm.

My diet is below, but I am going to stay away from the left column as much as I can, keep to the protein side of things, with veg etc. I’m feeling ok at the moment, but god knows if I will feel crappy later again.

Just got to take every day as it comes and remember it’s just for 24 days!




14 Aug

Blood pressure, weight and swabs done!
Waiting for next person now :)

Just had ten vials of blood taken, with a trainee, but she couldn’t do it.. Bad veins! Lol

Nia and ecg done, just the anaesthetist to see now woo.
Hmm it might actually be the surgeon, whoever it is likes to take their time lol
Met two people, one is having a sleeve the same day as me, the other is from near me and having her first anaesthetist appointment. The op is meant to be in the spring, I told her to prepare for disapointment!

Finally got to see a doctor about 1pm is but it wasn’t a surgeon, was someone off the bariatric team, he asked me some strange questions, listened to my heart and lungs and that was it. Finally got home around 15:30 but I feel like I haven’t stopped. Would just like some time to myself, but that’s not going to happen now with my sister now living here lol
I’m in my lovely bed now, can’t wait for sleep!
Will post more tomorrow hopefully.

H x


14 Aug


6 Aug

today-i-am-excited-about-everythingI have been waiting for today since almost the start of my blog. I got my pre op assessment letter this morning and I couldn’t be happier!
One week tomorrow I shall be off to Swansea, it’s been almost a year since I was last there!

And my op has been confirmed for the 10th September, five weeks today! FIVE!!! Woop!

I can’t think about anything else right now, when I can gather my thoughts properly I shall be right back, something maybe interesting or maybe not, but have no fear, I shall be back!


I will leave you with this for now.


H x



1 Aug

I shall leave this here. More news soon..




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