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Que Sera Sera

8 Oct

Four weeks ago today, I was about a quarter of the way through a life changing operation.
16 Years today I was also having a life changing moment, only I was marrying the man I thought I was going to be spending the rest of my life with.
Oh how things change, made it to 16 years, that was just over two years ago, he is now remarried with a little baby!
-Whatever will be, will be
Thats for sure!

Anyway, back to my story!

The next thing I knew, Dr Morgan was standing over me, my eyes were heavy and I could hear him saying that the operation was done and I had the bypass, I had a mask on, but it was too hot and I was trying to ask the time. I remember there being a clock on the wall and I kept looking at it, cos I wasn’t registering the time, it was about half two in the afternoon.
Breathing was hard, right in the middle of my chest, it was hurting alot, I was saying something about the pain, but it was so hard to talk, someone must have heard me, cos Dr Morgan came back and he was telling the nurses off in the recovery room as on my notes it was saying I was allergic to morphine, because of itching, he said they should know that is a side effect and should have called him. He said he would give me morphine into my drip (not that it worked!) and I was fine with that, or the pain was too crazy for me to even care about the itching lol
He said the pain was probably from them working up by the diaphragm and it was probably bruised and a bit sore (of course I was thinking I was having a heart attack when I woke up!!) but the worst pain, was as anyone who has had abdomen surgery knows, the damn gas pains, it was so much worse than I thought, I have probably written about how scared I was about it, it truly was awful. I asked if I could sit up, as lying half up half down on the bed was making it worse, I sat up and really didn’t want the mask on, so I took it off and I was desperate for them to get me a fan, they found me one but it hardly helped. I sat there willing to leave for about two hours.
Not long before I left, I remember hearing Nia and she was talking to my dad, of course all I wanted to do was see them then, I knew they were just outside, but I couldn’t see them at all. I know Nia came into see me, but I have no idea what she said!

The porters finally came to take me to the ward, I was lying back down then and they pushed me out and as we went through the doors to the corridor, I could see my mum, dad, sister and Matthew all looking really worried, I remember the porter saying to give them the royal wave, I just about managed to move my hand, but I wasn’t ready to smile at anyone at that point!

We only had a few metres to walk (or be pushed!) down the hallway to the ward, I was in ward G again section 3 right at the end, three beds on each side and I was furthest away from the door. My family was all sitting around me, but I didn’t know what to do with myself, couldn’t lie down, couldn’t sit up, the pain was awful, plus I had a drip going into my left arm, I had one of the air thingys that go into the nose and my right arm was stuck with a blood pressure cuff on it, it didn’t take me long to get two of those off!
But again I was so hot, the nurse said she would look for a fan, but she was having no luck and I thought I was melting. I had mum rubbing and hitting my back to try and move some of the gas, but it was awful, then dad had a go, he said it brought back memories! lol but I couldn’t take the heat anymore, so they said they would go and look for a fan (I think the took about three hours to find one!) but when they finally came back, it was bliss. In the time they were gone I had managed to get up and go for a wee and when they came back they said I was looking alot better, they say you should be up and about moving with the gas pains and I guess its true.

I don’t really remember much after my family went, I know for some unknown reason I wrote a post on facebook and told everyone what I did some time in the night! I think the drugs made me crazy lol but I’m actually glad I did it. Most people don’t seem to understand what I’ve done and I think they all thought it was a band as that’s what they hear alot of in the media, but I’m not a very secretive person and it was right for me.

I’ll write more about the recovery soon, but I’m going swimming now.


I look warm! I WAS warm!!

This is me on the night of surgery, looking a bit sorry for myself!

Soon H x

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