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I need to get out

23 Mar

I’m getting fed up with food again.
I have no idea if anyone else gets like this, but its really frustrating.
There is no pleasure from food anymore and there seems no point in buying it. Whatever I get there is too much and I know I wont use it all. I really miss having a salad, I loved salads, but why bother getting it, I will only have a small amount and the rest will go to waste, if I even get much of the salad in because I need to have protein first.

And the protein. There needs to be more wls patients creating recipies for vegetarians!
It seems there is no creativity in my meals anymore, I’d like to get excited about it, enjoying cooking but I can’t, I would love to be more like Eggface, but nothing, maybe if I was cooking for more than me, it would help, but it’s just me!

There is so much food in my fridge, but it all ends up thrown out because I’m just so bored of it. I hate being wasteful!

Wonder if there are any cooking courses I can go on to learn something and maybe have some fun. I need to do something I am slowly going crazy with nothing to do. This is where I miss living in a city, so much more to do, places to go, Costas to visit than my little town. Maybe I should move again!

Noooo my family wouldn’t kill me!

I need to take note!

I need to take note!


Them bones!

12 Mar

I don’t get my stickies!
I do what I’m meant to and I just stick for weeks and weeks and some more weeks! It’s frustrating, especially as I have to see the lovely Mr Barry this week and wanted to lose more, so I’m not looking forward to going to Swansea, I was hoping to be under 19st/266 but I can’t see that happening now. He will no doubt say I’m doing good, but I’m sure he says that to everyone. I need to ask him about coming off some medication as well, I really don’t want to be on them anymore and when I’m off them, I will only be on one med thats not vitamins, so that will be great for me. I’m going to talk to him about my hernia too, I am so fed up with it now, it just sticks right out and gave me a fright a couple of weeks ago, I worried I was going to have to go into hospital as I thought it was twisting it was so hard to touch. Hate it so much!

Lately I have been getting dizzy about 90% of the time I am standing up, I have to stand still and sometimes hold onto something and wait for it to pass, then I am fine again, I went to the doctor last week and he took my blood pressure while sitting and then standing, while I didn’t go dizzy that time, he said my blood pressure is dropping on standing, so I have a blood test in the morning to see if there is anything wrong. I am off Ramipril now, so it can’t be that, he also told me to drink more which I have been and it’s still happening, so hopefully the bloods will say if anything is missing, I am also getting my first B12 injection on Monday, I haven’t been looking forward to that for some reason, needles have never bothered me, so don’t know why!

On the food front I am doing the 5 day pouch test and am on day two as I had a moment with biscuits and thought I don’t want to go back there, so I’m just resetting my brain and my pouch and I feel quite good about it, although I would kill right now for parmasan crisps! (tomorrow my lovely, tomorrow!)
Exercise is going well and I am still walking and loving my FitBit Surge. I walked 11 miles last Saturday. What?! Over 25,000 steps! I paid for it for about three days after, my calves and legs hurt, especially walking down stairs, but I felt good and my puppies loved me lots :)

Things are happening with my body too, I was sat in the bath last week I was moving my hand and noticed the bone on my wrist, I don’t think I’ve not been able to see it before, but it was just there sticking out and looked new I spent about five minutes looking at it, turning my wrist over and around seeing if it looked different and did that mean it was thinner lol Along with feeling my hips coming back, I can’t stop touching them, I stand with my hands on my hips all the time, digging into my “waist” just so I make sure I am actually feeling them! Its exciting to know there is bone underneath all this fat somewhere and its trying to show off haha


‘Tis me!! :)

I put my Pandora bracelet on the other night again (needs soooo many more charms!!) and it is huge on me, so my wrist and hand really are getting smaller!

Soon H x

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