Hayley’s Surgery List


  • Walk – To be able to walk wherever I want, something so simple, but to not be in pain, out of breath, sweaty or needing to stop every four steps will be wonderful. And I so want to be able to take out my little dogs, I feel so guilty that I can’t.
  • Sit – I’m sure alot of people understand this, but sitting in any seat that isn’t one you bought is a very scary business indeed. No matter where I go I have to look at the seats, do they have arms, do they look strong enough am I going to be in pain, am I going to get stuck in there. So many thoughts run through my head and the sad part is, I need to sit somewhere because I’m usually in agony. I even have to take my own chair to my mums! I don’t trust hers at all, they are bought with only little people in mind!
  • Not as much pain – The pain I get from being over weight comes in many forms, my feet burn when I stand or walk, my calfs hurt, my hips hurt, my shoulder blades hurt, my chest hurts from breathing so hard, chaffing somewhere is hurting. This will be a nice change.
  • Drive – Oh how I long to drive, I never bothered to learn at 17, was too busy going out, then I met my husband so never needed to learn, then when I wanted to, I was too big and scared by that point. This is something I really regret, I hate having to rely on someone else to get me what I need or take me somewhere now. This will be something I hope to start doing early next year.
  • Go on holiday – I haven’t been on holiday since 1996, I want to go over to France for the day or weekend and then go on a plane again to somewhere amazing, I miss being in another country, I’m looking forward to doing this and if I have to I will go alone.
  • No more meds – Well maybe I will need some vitamins, but I would like to be off most of these ones this time next year, they mess with me so much, thats citalopram, metformin, byetta, simvastatin and ramipril. Want them all gone!
  • Not be afraid – So many things scare me right now, I’m learning to do more, but I would like the fear of things that don’t matter to be gone (weight wise) being afraid of people looking at me, or friends I once knew and being ashamed if I see them, I always feel apologetic, which is not a nice feeling at all.
  • Seat belts – This is a major thing, whenever I have to get into a car I don’t know (which thankfully isnt that often) I have a little panic attack about the seat belts. So often they don’t even come near to fitting me and I have to try and find a way for it to plug in to stop the beeping sound.. nothing screams “obese!!” like the beeping of the seat belt not plugged in!
  • Guitar – I have always wanted to play one, I had one when I was a child and it got lost in the many moves I had, so I bought one last year and I love it, but of course it won’t sit on my lap correctly (what lap?!) so when I can find my lap again, I’m going to teach myself how to play!
  • Boots – Oh how I would love to own some flat boots and wellies for walking the dog, soon as my calves are small enough I shall be buying me all the boots I can find.
  • Clothes – Of course a girl wants some clothes, just to be able to shop somewhere normal and not have it cost the earth will be amazing. While I love Yours since I found it, better than all the other larger stores, I would still like to be able to pick up something cheap in Asda or Primark.

More as they come to me!



3 Responses to “Hayley’s Surgery List”

  1. 241lady March 8, 2015 at 19:24 #

    I wanted to stop taking meds, too. I don’t suggest this for anyone who is on life sustaining medication, but my meds were to address symptoms. Doctors always want to treat the symptom, and I never really realized that the reason they treat the symptom is because we don’t treat the problem, which in a lot of cases is being overweight and not eating healthy. So, I decided to change my life. Something happened in me and CLICK it was ON. I stopped taking my thyroid medicine and meds for my polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and, I started a program called Whole30 http://www.whole30.com which is a 100% good nutrition program. It’s just 30 days long. Before I started it, I had my doctor do a full blood panel on me and all of my numbers were up. She scheduled for me to come back in like 45 days and I had just finished the Whole30, and she rechecked my results, she was SHOCKED. All of my numbers were within normal limits. Everything I read about the program said that it was reversing people’s illnesses. It’s funny how it’s not the program that does it. It is the changed behavior and improved nutrition that is doing it. It was awesome. My doctors said, keep doing what you’re doing. I have NEVER had a doctor tell me that EVER! :) Except for a 2-3 week slip in December, I have been eating well ever since. I love how I feel!

    • Hayley March 12, 2015 at 23:53 #

      That’s fantastic to hear! Well done, I’ll have a look at the link when I’m back on PC


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    […] Hayley’s Surgery List […]

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