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Happy Anniversary!

16 Jul

To me and WordPress!

Apparently I have been here 7 years! It started off something much different.

It was a blog for my Silks on Second Life, looong time ago!


Still doing awful.
Going to try and post every day til it clicks back in, maybe, hopefully, it’s the plan anyway.
Having a hard time with things going on in life at the moment and I can’t fix it so feeling bad about that, which isnt helping me.

Posting useless things on Twitter if you want to follow, I shall follow you as well :D  ’tis me!

Add me! There is nothing interesting there though, mainly about Big Brother UK and some little things about Bariatric Surgery, I retweet info I find on it.



20 Jun

I didn’t do what I said I was going to do, however I did stick to no carbs or very low I should say, and I had a good week again, 8lb loss.

Was very pleased with it, but I’ve gone terrible this week again, seems if I do a good low carb week, I can’t cope with it all the week after and go a bit junk crazy :( Ah well, as long as I don’t give up I can keep going down even if I have a gain this week, next week will be better.

I had a reply from Nia, to an email I sent her, I did ring her and she didn’t seem too happy and I couldn’t hear her very well so I emailed her to apologise  and I got this back;

Don’t worry Hayley. I wouldn’t let you miss your appointments….I’d be knocking your front door first!!.


Hoping to plan the August list when Mr Barry returns from leave at the end of next week so fingers crossed, you’ll have a date then. xxx

So I am feeling very optimistic. Whether that’s being naïve on my part I don’t know, but I want to hope it’s true and I get a nice letter with a pre-op date soon.

In non surgery news I have a date for my MRI/CT (not entirely sure which one I’m getting) scan for next Wednesday, for my spine, I cannot wait for that, I am in constant pain with it, getting up from a sitting position is getting harder and harder, so would really like some good medication for it and to know once and for all if I have arthritis in my spine as well as my hips!


Oooh I was in Morrisons today and I was paying for a pot of tea and the woman told me I had such a smiley face, she said it was very open or something, I think it was a new way to tell me I was fat! hahaha

H x

I can do this!

11 Jun

It’s getting very easy to avoid the carbs now, I’m quite liking this in all honesty.

I think I will link My Fitness Pal up to here if I can, so I don’t have to write everything down, I’m trying to keep under 1,200 calories, but I may go over sometimes, but at my weight I don’t think it’s too much of an issue!

I really really really! want to ring Nia and ask if the op is still likely for the middle of August or has it been pushed back again, but I’m too scared to know the answer too, why oh why couldn’t I go in with Linda, makes me crazy if I think about it too much, and I’m pretty crazy as it is, so that is NOT a good thing! Haha

I’m off to a class at the local leisure centre today, I used to go two and a half years ago, but then my nan was sick, my husband and I split and my nan died, so that kind of stopped me going there, but I’ve redone the Exercise Referral again and am going to give it another go. I wouldn’t have thought I would like a class, but it’s really quite fun and this is the easier ones for the older and disabled people, so I fit right in! lol



Week is starting.. again

9 Jun

I need to prepare myself again for a good week. I have done terribly bad the last two weeks after such a good week when I was doing protein only. I need to do that again.

I think keeping track on here and making a post everyday seemed to help me, so I will do that after weigh-in tonight for this week. I was just 12lb away from my mini target of where I wanted to be before I went back to the hospital and I’m dreading what tonight is going to say. I feel so close to surgery, but then when I think about it, August, seems so far away, and who knows if it will even be then. I hate not knowing when it will be, I can’t make any plans, because everything is on hold.

So fresh start with much less carbs, more protein and more tracking and blogging and hopefully I can get my BMI down!


Back soon H xim-not-giving-up


Head is far behind

25 May

I needed to buy a top for the party last night, so yesterday when my dad picked me up I went and got one from Yours, I don’t normally wear colours, but didn’t want to wear black or white and saw this which I thought was cute.

While I was there I thought I would pick up some trousers, I don’t have that many as it is, but am so fed up of them dragging along the ground and getting wet (thank you British Summer Time!) I thought I would take a look. They had sizes in 30/32 and 26/28 then it was just 24, 22, 20 etc, so I thought I would get the 26/28, I didn’t try them on, the horror as I’m sure many of you will know or remember of trying to change into something in a changing room is just beyond awful, the sweating and hotness, the cramped spaces, the embarrassment if they don’t fit, no thank you, I will deal with it at home! So you either take things home hoping and praying that they fit, so you don’t have to return them to the shop, I hate doing that so, hooray if they do!

happiestI got home and thought I better try everything on, the trousers were way too big and I thought damnit, I don’t want to wear them so they’re dragging again, but I didn’t want to ask my dad to take me back to town, so after talking to Clare I thought sod it, and got them together and went on the bus, I love the freedom I am getting now, it’s getting less and less scary being out there, but I still have my moments, mostly brought on by other people (A little girl in Boots, while I was weighing, I wanted to tell her she was a horrible little girl and her parents should be ashamed of her, but I restrained myself, pretended to be an adult and walked away!) but sometimes, just because my own head conjures up things people might be thinking and saying, I hate that so much.

I got to the store and was all hot and horrible, because it’s warm, but raining atm, so I had to have a coat on, the one good thing about Yours, they realise who their customer is and keep the aircon on, oh that was so nice as I was stood in the queue waiting to be served. I looked for a size 24 still not believing I could fit into it, I’ve always had to get the largest size in shops have which is usually 30/32 sometimes you may be lucky and get a 32/34 (the shame) but they didn’t have a 24, so I was contemplating just walking back out and making do, but something made me pick up the 22, think it was the thought of maybe getting my operation Soon™ [ WoW] or thinking they might fit in a few weeks, so I exchanged them not thinking they would even come close to me. Went and got a drink from Costa and got the bus back home.

Then I got my shock.. not only did they fit, they were not tight in the slightest, okay they are stretchy material and have an elastic waistband, but they fit, there is no way they would have a few months ago. Clare seems to think sizes have got bigger and maybe they have, but it made me feel a bit better before going out! I felt very good, which is a nice change :)

But it’s funny, I have read about people doing that, they see themselves are bigger than they actually are and I never thought I would be one of them, least not yet at this size!

I went to get a salad for dinner today, I had some red Devil Sauce with it, which I love, so god knows how many carbs in that, but I think I have done pretty well in that department, last day, woo. But it doesn’t really matter, I don’t know what I am doing wrong with my Byetta, but it is constantly making me sick, not just nausea, which is pretty bad, but terrible tummy pains and physically sick. I have been taking it for about five months now and Clare and most searches I have done seem to think the nausea should stop after six weeks and I shouldn’t be physically sick, especially not this far out, not unless I’m eating alot of food, which I can guarantee I am not, not even close. So I don’t know what is causing it, does anyone else have this experience with Byetta? I’ve read about pancreatitis being caused with Byetta, but I don’t think the pain is severe enough for it to be that, and it would be a bit dramatic! So Tuesday I shall ring Sian and see what she says I should do. But on the other hand, I do not want to stop taking it, because the thought of putting all this weight back on would be horrendous, I just don’t want to go there at all. So I don’t know what to do, two days in a row, I have been physically ill off small amounts of food, maybe its the fat in it, I’m not sure, but again, no food today, because I am now too scared to eat! Fun times.

If I don’t lose anything tomorrow I’m going to go crazy! You have been warned :p

H x

A Glimmer of Hope

11 Apr

Two people I know have had their letters!

Well thats not technically true.

Matt had his Monday. His appointment is for the 17th April for his pre op assessment.

Linda rang Nia and her letter was on the way for the same date, 17th April, however she hasn’t got it yet, we think it’s got lost in the post, so another was sent out yesterday and we are hoping she gets it tomorrow.

This has made me very happy, not having a clue of anything that is going on is very frustrating. Waiting, waiting and some more waiting thats all I’ve been doing since September, so to finally know the people who are ahead of me are getting letters is very exciting.

I would have had my date for the same time as Linda, but the sleep apnea put me back by about two weeks, so I’m hoping I get my letter soon, however we have Easter coming up so that’s probably going to push me back some more, but at least I know something is going on now and can start getting a little excited (I’ve had my suitcase ready for a year!!)


file0001671726164I weighed yesterday and my BMI was 59.9 I’m at a weight now that I haven’t been since I moved back here nine years ago. When I first asked for surgery I think my BMI was about 75, so I’m feeling very pleased with that, though I do know that it was the Byetta that has helped me get there, thank you Clare :D


So here is to the next few weeks and hoping I get my turn!

I can see a silver lining finally :D


Catching Up

4 Jan

I’ve been busy!

Well kind of, for me anyway!

Clare (who should have her blog up soon!) has been a godsend for me! We talk constantly about WLS and whats going on, so we don’t have to bother our friends and family who don’t get it. She has been so helpful.

Thanks to her I’m now on Byetta and it has made a huge difference in my eating, I lost 6kg (13lbs) in my first month, which was wonderful as I was stuck for a while, although I am constantly feeling sick or actually am sick, but I can cope with that if it means I stop eating.

In regards to surgery, I emailed Nia before Christmas and she said that all surgeries had been cancelled even for the people who had been on the Liver Shrinking Diet for three weeks and were hoping the managers would have some reassurance in the New Year for them, so I’m guessing its pushed back more and more now.

I got hold of a LSD thanks to Clare, it’s a two week one, so I doubt very much it would be the same as mine, but decided to give it a go and try a day on it. Ugh it was horrible I was so hungry and feeling even more ill, then I woke up with a huge headache the next day because of no caffeine or sugar, it’s made me very afraid of my LSD and whats going to happen. I was panicking wondering if I can do it, it’s such a scary thing to do, nothing will be the same again. Clare helped with making me try to remember why I’m doing it and I guess without a date or anything to focus on it makes it harder. Plus right now, I’m not in the frame of mind where I can see past the enjoyment food brings me, right now it’s still all I have, my life is sitting here and food. So I’ve decided to write a list of why I want this surgery and what benefits I will get from it so I can look at it whenever I want, especially when I’m on the LSD and hopefully it will bring it back to focus on what I’m doing.

Hayley’s Surgery List

I know alot of people do these lists and it seems like a very good idea, I’m just going to add things when I think of them and they won’t be in any order, just as and when I think of something thats worthy to me.

I also want to start taking more photos, its so hard to do that on my own though.. I’ll find a way I guess!

Time to start on my list, hope everyones New Year is going well and continues to be great.

I’m hoping for a good one too, with surgery and less food! Roll on 2014!

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