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Lets chalk it up to experience… again!

29 Sep

Not really WLS related, more dating or not dating! But it’s my blog and I need to moan again, soz about that :D

Life was so much simpler when I was married. I knew what was going on. Never thought I would have to think about another man again or get bloody hurt by them!

Oh wait yeah nothing would have changed and I would still be stuck as I was all those years ago, which wasn’t so great really was it!
Somewhere in the last twenty years though, guys have become more arseholes than before, or at least they’re not so coy about it anymore, easier to get away with it now with all these social apps that make it so much quicker to move on to the next person.

So as I mentioned last week I had met someone, it was the first person I had ever met like that from a dating app, probably the last one too because, yeah! I screwed up.
He came across as so nice and genuine. You can tell immediately if you have a connection with someone or not and we most definitely did, through messaging and when we met in person. It was so nice, I felt completely at ease with him which is where I messed up. We met a couple of times and chatted quite a bit he even came to my house and everything seemed fine, then for whatever reason he just stopped talking to me. Not a word.
terry-parks-quote-its-a-learning-experience-ill-just-chalk-it-up-to-thIf it had been a one off then fair enough. I asked him if that was all and while neither of us wanted a relationship we were both adults and seeing each other was fun or so I thought!

If you have changed your mind then be a man and say that, don’t just ignore someone. If you have to block them, so they know for sure that you’re not interested then fine,  but to just ignore someone and let them wonder and worry is really immature. I’m not a crazy person (sometimes!!!) but I am a person who has feelings and things like that just confuse me. If you don’t want to talk to me anymore or see me, then say that and I will leave you be.

If you just stop talking to me, I’m going to wonder if you are okay, did something happen, did you have an accident, are you dying in hospital, do you have schiophrenia/bi-polar/manic depressive/multiple personalities and having an episode right now or more than likely, are you just a complete twat who got what he wanted and now just moving onto the next without so much as a goodbye!

This is what Clare thinks, very good player, who ticked off older woman and sex while you’re meant to be working fantasy lol not sure I would go that far, especially if I send him this.. which I might, he can see what I was like before.. not so much of a fantasy then!

Hahah revenge! :D

I am so annoyed with myself for falling for it, I feel so naive, it’s so hard for me to let someone in like that for obvious reasons, yes I’m friendly and can speak to anyone but being intimate with someone is completely different, thats a whole other level, and I sure as hell don’t want to be someone who keeps meeting people and getting treated like that. He was either very good at faking a connection or very good at not caring.

Either one makes me feel like shit. So cheers for that Harry. You made my week x ;)

Never mind I have unmatched from him, deleted the app and his number and I shall forget he ever existed.
Although weirdly I noticed he looked at my messages at 7am this morning!
You WILL miss me maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow! But I am good enough to miss.. eventually! :p

This is becoming my thing it seems!

This is becoming my thing it seems!

Another one for the bucket!


H x


Kittens for motivation?!

27 Jul

Back at it again after a very bad weekend off.

Two times at the gym.

Anger, frustration, sadness, hate and hurt all taken out on the machines and boy did it feel good.

On my second visit, I got on a machine and the man next to me, a fully grown man, probably in his thirties was stood there watching kitten videos on youtube.. I was a bit flabergasted to say the least.

Whatever gets you through your workout dude, whatever…

Onwards and upwards! ^^



H x

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