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Day 14!

26 Aug

So its been a fortnight since my surgery.

I am finally feeling better. My hernia surgery hasn’t hurt for days I don’t think, it was taken over by the infection and impaction (never again!!) pain.

My car has been fixed and is sitting outside and I’m thinking do I go out and drive?

I am missing it so much and I will feel so much better if I am independent again, but there is that slight worry someone will go into me (I have reason for that worry!) or I will need to stop suddenly.

Hmm decisions!

I took a pic to send to Clare last week and this wasn’t my worst day, I got so much worse that this! I looked awful, but I am over the worst now, just need to get back in the car, then to the gym and all will be back to normal.

I’m so impatient!

Amazing what a bit of makeup and a smile can do lol

To drive or not to drive!?!


H x


Still here!

21 Aug

After three days of back and forth to hospital and trying to rest in the recliner I got really bad yesterday. I had gone home and was meant to go back for a scan the next day as they didn’t have any slots left and all night I kept waking up boiling hot but I was shivering and my teeth were shattering, so I got another blanket, which probably made everything worse!
My head was throbbing and my mouth was dry even though I was drinking alot of water.

The evening before I had noticed I had swollen lymph nodes that were terribly painful, so I know it was getting worse. I woke up about 5 and thought I need to go back in, so I rang the ward and they told me to come straight back.
By the time I got here I was a complete mess. She took me in for obs and all our a sudden I was pouring with sweat, it was dripping from everywhere, I was feeling so sick and dizzy my heartbeat was 117 and my blood pressure was 160/98 she told them to get the ecg machine as she didn’t want to leave me, nothing would stick to my body because it was cold and clammy so they had a hard time sticking the cannula and ecg tabs on me!
I felt pretty damn awful.
They told me my scan was at 2 and I needed iv antibiotics around midday, so my dad asked if I could go home to sleep for a bit and they agreed I really didn’t want to spend all that time in the recliner!
So off we went home with the cannula bandaged up to keep it in.
I had an hour and a half’s sleep it was amazing and then we went back down.
I had my antibiotics connect and sat through that going in my arm, but I was feeling so sick so they game me an anti sickness drip too and I have no idea what happened but I could not keep my eyes open, I had brought a pillow back down with me to make it more tolerable and I sat there with it over my face and I was out of it, I wasn’t asleep but I wasn’t really with it,  was a really weird sensation!

I stayed like that until a porter came to get me, he took me down to be scanned, she had a good look around, could clearly see the haematoma and she scanned some other areas too, I noticed she took a photo somewhere else and that she put GB, knowing history of us bypassers I asked her if that was the gallbladder to which she said yes, so it got me thinking when she sent me out to wait for the porter, so I went back in and I said I know you’re not allowed to say, but did it show something with my gallbladder, to which she said she couldn’t tell me, but with my amazing powers of persuasion I got her to tell me, she told me there is a pretty big stone in there :/ it might never cause me any problems but knowing how things are with bypassers and the fact there is already a bit stone in there I’m not holding out too much hope.
So the positive I can take out of that is.. At least I know!

I went back to the ward, about 5pm I was called I’m to wait for the doctor and she said she was going to cut it and see what come out, she was a pregnant Russian lady and she was so funny! She injected me with local anesthetic and slices me open, then gets some blunt scissors and starts poking and prodding around in there, but nope not a thing! No gunk, no pus and minimal blood, it’s all a frigging solid mass!
She leaves it as an open wound and packs it with what looks like white fibreglass! And covers it all up.
At this point she gives me too choices, I can either go home with antibiotics and have a district nurse come out every day and hope the antibiotics works. Or stay in carry on with the iv antibiotics, which are so much stronger than oral, but one catch! No bed!
Of course.
But they were going to try, hard.
I didn’t know what to do, I told them I would speak to my family and make a decision.
They wanted to me to stay in, which is what I wanted to do to get the best antibiotics, but I needed a bed I was so tired, fed up and unwell.
About five minutes later they told me they had a bed for me.
Yes! Perfect!

I stay there for the night, in a mixed ward chatting to Kerry and Dave, my dad brought in a fan for me which I desperately needed! Then dave got his wife to do the same! Lol got as much sleep as I could.
Next day, which I think was Saturday I moved back to the ward I was on after surgery, but by the window this time thankfully!
And that’s where I stayed this morning, hooked up to an iv three times a day being pumped full of meds.
But I have not had it easy!

Don’t read below if you have a weak tummy!
Toilet talk and open wound pics.

Taking tramadol, oramorph and codine for the last two weeks has resulted in me having a bad toilet time! Having a bypass already makes it bad, but this has been horrific, I couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday they were meant to be getting me an enema but the Dr went back for emergency surgery, so it want prescribed until half one this morning and then I wasn’t allowed it because it was too late!
But finally at 8 this morning I got it. I have never ever had that before, it was so bizarre and not at all what I was expecting but it started to work within twenty mins and I think by the hour I was completely done!
What a relief I am starting to feel like me again.
It wasn’t all quite as easy as that, for three days I was having a pretty hard time, but I really don’t think anyone wants to hear about all that! It was quite horrendous and I never ever want to go through all that again.
I haven’t been for the best part of two weeks all I did was cry yesterday as I was so down and felt so alone.

But now I am back with my dogs, led in my own watching American big brother.
I don’t feel 100% yet, but I’m getting there.
Just want to get on with moving on from all these surgeries, and start enjoying life again!

Oh so the title is now wrong, I am not still there!


H x

Another year?

15 Jul

Looks like I’ve been here eight years today!

Yay me!

Not my image as you can read! But ooooh cake!

Not my image as you can read! But ooooh cake!

Though my blog did start out as updates for the things I made (must be signed in to see – Adult themed!!) in Second Life so it is now completely different!

As you might have guessed by my ever-so-cheery post I am not post op, nor will I be any time today.

Woke up at half six, well I had woken up many times before that, I hardly slept last night and around 5am my neck was itching like crazy for some odd reason, it was so bad I got up went downstairs to find some E45 itch relief cream and plastered it all over my neck, have no idea why, I had taken off the necklace that Rob bought me ready for surgery, but that would be the opposite cause an itch? lol

My dad was ringing just as the alarm went off, because he always seems to “forget” time, and tries to get where ever he needs to about three hours early, so he was like “oh I thought you had to be there at 7” ugh no dad, you know you had to be at mine for 7 not half 6!

Get there and am told that my name is not on the ward waiting list, oh fun! Did I turn up on the wrong day, I never had a letter, so it’s quite possible, so she checks the computer and said nope defo not there.. oh fab

She checks the surgeons list and I’m on it for the afternoon, I’m not losing it after all. No idea why I’m not on the ward list, seeing as that is the most important part, well in the sense of “I need a damn bed right now!” Of course I need to be on surgeons list or I would just be someone going into hospital for a sleep, and thats just a bit weird! lol

I go sit in the waiting room where there are about ten other people, a doctor comes for me to sign the consent form and ask me some questions and explains the risks. Back to the waiting room, everyone is being called out at different times, they’re all coming back with gowns etc and I don’t get one.

A while later the anesthetist comes to get me to ask me more questions, she was lovely and had amazing eyes! I told her about the tube and she said I was right to tell her, sometimes she does have to use them to get food or liquid out, so good job I said. At this point she thought I would be getting the op, so I was ready for it!

Hours later I get a nurse call me to do obs and get my gown and stockings, she said she thought I was getting a bed for sure!

Back to the waiting room for what feels like forever, talking to one or two of the people, but no one was very chatty and it was so damn boring and painful with my hips and spine, sat on the chair, so I go for a walk and ask what are the chances of the bed. The nurse asks the sister who said she had spoken to Mr Nutt and because they were still waiting for a bed he might take an emergency and I wouldn’t get the op. Nooooo! She said as soon as she found out she would let me know.

Six hours after I arrived she came to the waiting room to say I could go home. No female beds and he was going to do the emergency and wouldn’t have time to do me. Boo!

She brought a form and asked if I wanted a free meal I said I was fine, I don’t eat that much, probably should have had it though, she said the receptionist said that to her as she had the sleeve, but said she had to ask, then wanted to know how much I had lost I said 14 stone almost and she wanted to see the pics so I whipped them out, as you do, then she called over all the other nurses and the girl with the sleeve! And we were all having a nice little chat. The sister also “knew Mr Barry when he was a nice young doctor” He is a lovely guy!

The sister said next time I will have more of a priority, she said it so embarrassing when she sees someones name for about the fifth time and she’s like “I have to find them a bed this time!” Though she said that’s more ENT not for mine, hopefully next visit will be the one.

God I hope so, I don’t like this stress!

I sent daddy a text who arrived to take me home.. well to Costa anyway! Hey I was deprived all morning, I needed that coffee!

So I now have a pair of stockings and almost a gown I did give that back, they found it quite funny it was in my bag and I should have taken it as a souvenir for waiting so long. I am all drawn on too. I look so pretty!

It's HERE!!!

It’s HERE!!!!

So that was my fun morning.

I have now decided I want this before I go back into hospital! But no way of getting it :(

So Beautiful!

So Beautiful!

I am now off to chaperone my mother on a date for the SECOND time in a week, I think I’m going to start charging for this :D


H x


It’s just dawned on me!!!!

14 Jul

Ugh all of a sudden I have become acutely aware of what might be happening tomorrow!

After my lovely experience with the very rude pre op nurse last week, don’t know if I blogged about it, but I had to go in last Wednesday, and I had never met anyone so awful in a caring profession in all my life! If you are that jaded with your job, leave!

I needed to find out if Roux-en-Y affected anything to do with the anesthetic etc because all he knew was people with bands need to have them defilled and it causes all kinds of problems, even though I kept repeating I had not had a band, he still kept going on about it. Also, you across from the table now, are you diabetic.. and why am I taking omeprazole, there is no reason for it, anyone can get ulcers.. ugh I don’t know, I’m just doing as I’m told (see I can sometimes!!!)

So I thought I better speak to Nia, I left her a message and rang a couple of times today and I get a call back from Nikki, Nia is on annual leave, so I ask her (she asks who the hell this nurse is! lol) she says she will go speak to one of the surgeons to make sure for me and ring me back. Within five minutes she had rung back to say no problems with the anesthetic at all, I just have to tell them make sure they don’t use an NG tube. And although I know that is just a feeding tube it all became very real!

Panic set in!

I realised I have no bag ready, what the hell do I take? I don’t even know if I am staying in over night, I know nothing! (hello Jon Snow!!!)

I’m dropping my friend off while all this is going through my head and then I start thinking omg this might be my last chance to eat! lol some how I resisted the urge to call into the shop and buy everything I could, I don’t need to feel ill tonight. I shall stick to my pizza dip and Cauli cheese sticks.

But do I write letters, just incase? I know something bad is unlikely to happen, and I’ve already been through a huge operation and survived (yay me!) and this is quite basic in comparison, but of course there is always a risk.

I have no clue what I’m doing tonight, scared is now me!


H x

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