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Week down

21 Sep

Last monday I started low carb properly. I have been in ketosis, well I am assuming I am thanks to Ketostix, but not completely sure!

Oh how true!

Oh how true!

I have kept under 20g of carbs most days, there may have been one or two below 25, but never above for the last week. I think I am still struggling a bit. The scales are not moving at al, which of course discourages you, but I am not going to give up yet. But there is one thing I have given up.. milk! It’s still killing me, but the lovely people at my local Costa are allowing me to bring in unsweetened Soya milk, so I can still kind of have a latte, its not the same as milk, not even close, but it’s better than nothing and I get to go to my fave place still! They are not meant to do 8e3b133044ffd295d37fa042418d8e5bit, but as I’m there all the time and bring everyone, they are allowing me to do it.

What can I say? They love me!

I was hoping to be discharged from the district nurse today, but I forgot I had to go for a diabetic retinopathy screening, so I had to cancel and she should come tomorrow, so fingers crossed I get freedom.

Which means… Gym, I should be able to go back this week and I cannot wait.

It’s been six long weeks of healing and no exercise and I am ready to get sweaty again.

I haven’t really got much to update at the moment, things are pretty quiet with me not being able to do much. I did drive to Liverpool last weekend and had the best slice of pizza I have ever tasted. Thank you Matthew, I waited almost four years and constantly being told how great it was and he was bloody right! I enjoyed every mouthful.

Now how to recreate it keto style! lol


I need more FAT!!! Less Protein and I’m under on carbs!!! What do I dooooo?!


Food, Glorious Food!

1 Feb

I got my fitbit on Friday, very nice it is too, though I forgot to wear it this morning when I went out so lost half a days info! It runs out of battery very quickly if you have bluetooth and GPS on, but no different to a phone I guess, which is why I had it off this morning, thought I would charge it quickly, that didn’t go so well lol.

Been doing good on food lately, staying away from carbs as much as possible, I got the scales back from my dads, so I have some in the house and don’t have to run to Boots when I want to weigh and when I first got on them I was weighing 20st12lbs, how close they are to boots I have no ideas as I was 3lb on that when I last weighed, but when I weighed this morning on my scales I was 20st4lb, so it should be moving a little at least.

I’ve made some nice food the last couple of days too, I really have to put my mind to it. If I don’t think about what food I’m going to do then it just goes out of my head, so I either pick up something I shouldn’t, or I just don’t bother to eat, so I’m pleased with this week. Some pics of what I’ve done, the dessert was lovely and creamy and I’ve just had the pizzas now, I wish I had taken a pic of the one I just made, it was great, highly reccommend making any of these.

Lets see what this week brings! Soon H x 5261165a13d12fa44d913a51d8c5b3a7


27 Jan

I started a gym membership two weeks ago, but I really hate where it is! And it’s scary walking through Newport at night, luckily it’s a contractless one, so I don’t need to keep going, just annoyed though cos it’s a really nice place. Maybe when they finish Friars Walk I’ll go back, who knows, but in the meantime, my lovely (sometimes!!!) friend has bought me something to be getting on with, finally getting the Fitbit Surge! Yay, so happy it’s coming tomorrow. I am such a fussy cow, I have tried countless fitness watches and sent them all back, cos I knew in my heart I wanted whatever the replacement was for the fitbit that was pulled last year and finally tomorrow I get it!

I have my car back permanent today, I have been out driving most of the day, I just need someone to sit with me so I can do it more, I love being able to drive, I just hope I pass all the tests, really want to get out there by myself so I can get better and not rely on anyone, no stopping me soon!

I have noticed I find it really easy to eat bad food, not because it’s what  I want, but because it doesn’t sit heavy in my pouch, this is so not what I want though. So back to lots of protein today, before I had scrambled eggs I was desperate to have a digestive biscuit as soon as I started eating the eggs, I was so damn full and that’s what has always been my problem, so I need to keep it in check before I go any further, I eat all the junky non nutritious food before I bother to go and cook because it’s “easy” yes Hayley an easy way to sit in the house and not go out not move not breathe and not live life. Let’s not go back there shall we.

Protein, Protein, Protein!

I waste so much damn food though. Eat LEFTOVERS!!!! I am bloody useless lol

I had a lovely weekend, my friend came to visit me, we had a very lazy weekend, staying snuggled up nice and warm while watching loads of films, of course he bought junk food, while I had some I didn’t go overboard, it’s just not worth it I guess, I don’t seem to get early dumping though, mine seems to be late and I really don’t like that feeling!
We even went to cinema and had no snacks there, I was very impressed with myself, however we did go to Pizza Hut after and I had a salad and a slice of a child’s pizza lol it was nice and it was enough, brought the rest home and I didn’t touch it, the dogs enjoyed it!

The dogs should get a nice walk tomorrow when I get my watch on!

So excited

Todays quote is something I need to remember every single day. I shall never master this, just learn to deal with it the best I can.

Soon H x



Moving More

18 Jan

Walking has been such an issue for me for quite a while.

Back pain
Foot burn
Shoulder pain
Hip pain

Those are just a few of the things I can think of right now.
I hated it, I didn’t want to walk anywhere, if I could find a way to get closer to where I was going by car, then I would, much to my sister’s annoyance lol, but I’m so happy to say that most of the problems have gone away, but the weird thing is, I don’t remember not feeling like that, ever, when I was going up in weight I can’t remember not being in pain at this weight. I feel like I have always been in pain, so to walk now and not feel so bad, is a wonderful feeling. I love being able to walk and not get breathless and my feet not burn like mad. I’ve also started putting music on loud and just standing up and dancing! I haven’t ever done that, but it feels good, I hate the fat jiggling about, but my dogs seem to enjoy it and I definitely do, so it’s all good for now, long as no one walks in my house and catches me!! I do still need to get out walking more, but I am enjoying the changes so much, even if I do get miserable every so often, hopefully it will pass soon and I’m looking forward to see what happens in the next few months.

I am half way through the day today and I have not given into the biscuit or Jaffa cake temptations. I really don’t want to give them away or throw them out, I want to be able to control myself properly, but goddamnit its hard. But I’m gonna do this!

I am keeping one of my tablets close to me all day I have decided, so I can try and write some more, just for me, it will probably just be none sense or useless to anyone else, but this is mainly about me, so I’m thinking so what, I started this for me, yes I allow others to read and I enjoy it when people contact me or leave a message, but it’s about my journey whether I feel good or bad, happy or sad, I want to document it, even if it’s only a few lines.
So it’s part of new plan :)

Soon H x


Off we go :D

22 Sep

This post was started on the 18th September, but it’s taken me so long to write it through tiredness I just haven’t been able focus.

I finally got the “Yes” to go home yesterday morning, to say I was happy was an understatement!

Going to start from the beginning, if you’re not interested here is the short version, went into hospital, got my insides rearranged, came out of hospital and now writing this post :D

Tuesday 9th September;

Rang hospital in the morning to see if my bed was there, was told she had the day to find it and she would ring me back sometime in the afternoon. So I patiently waited all day, but by four I still hadn’t heard, so rang again. She said I had a bed there and to come as quickly as possible so it didn’t go! So off we went for our hour long trip to the hospital.

Start of the journey

Start of the journey

I got to the hospital and went to the ward, where they said the woman was still there and waiting for a transfer to Singleton, so I asked if I could go to the canteen to wait. Left my bags there and off we went. We sat there for a while and I said to my sister and Matthew they could go if they wanted to, but Ash said to check there was definitely going to be a bed there before we left. So we went back to the ward and was told that the woman was too poorly to move, so I didn’t have a bed! They had been ringing around to find me one, but were still looking, so they sat us in a room to wait.
After a while they came to tell me they had a bed on D ward downstairs in about four hours, so I felt a bit better, I told my family they could go after an hour or so and I would be fine.

received_m_mid_1410300178807_347782544511659d85_0 received_m_mid_1410300183794_7f88bb465739494c03_0

Amir, one of the nurses, came in to take some stats and decided my blood sugar was too low at 4.2, I hadn’t eaten all day, I wanted to make sure I got this damn operation, but he said I had to eat, so he brought me a cheese sandwich and some sweet tea, I didn’t know what to do, I knew I couldn’t eat it but I also wanted to do as I was told, so I asked if I could go to the canteen, but another nurse said she would see if they had some cheese for me, so brought me back a few sticks and some crackers and butter, so I ate cheese with butter! Very tasty :/ lol

After about two hours, Amir came to tell me that my bed was ready downstairs on D ward and Mark would take me down, (little did I know how lovely Mark would be later) I was so nervous on lift down, it wasn’t far, but he took me there and found me bed and left me with the new nurses. I am so new to hospitals I asked if I could get undressed and get into bed! lol

I got into the bed and I guess that’s where it started to sink in, how on earth was I going to make it through the night and not run (well walk!) out of the hospital screaming for my life! I had my iPad and phone, magazines and a book, but nothing could focus my mind, so I thought I would write a few letters to my family and my ex husband, just incase the worst happened, I was also writing everything down as it happened and what was going through my head, there was no way I could sleep even though I tried.

I think I might have got about an hour in the end, I woke up probably about 7am and went for a shower, to scrub myself with the antibacterial soap I had. When I got back to my bed, Dr Tom (I don’t know his last name) who is learning I think on Mr Barrys surgical team, came to see me, he listened to my chest again and I reminded him about my hernia and he said he would pass on all the info to the boss, he also said I was second on the list after a removal, I’m assuming it was a band. So I was expecting a little wait. I sat in the chair and was looking at my phone, then a nurse came in with a gown and stockings and said I had been called!
Oh god, then the panic set in, I put on the gown, which was obviously way too small for me, so I put on my dressing gown as well, then she said I had to put on the stockings, so she had a go and so did I they were tough to get on, so we walked to the desk and she asked someone to take me to surgery, then Nia came in and said no no no, back to your bed, I was thinking omg, that’s it, it’s been cancelled, I can’t do this again!
So she took me back to the bed and said to get the stockings off, I was having injections instead and to put on a different papery type gown, that opened at the front, which fit soooo much better. Then she told me this is it, I would be going back to G ward and she would take my things up and now we had to go upstairs and sign the papers and I would be ready.
We walked into the theatre waiting room and sat on the chairs, Mr Barry and Dr Morgan came in to see me, asked if I was ready, I said yes, but was thinking can I still run!?! Off they went and another man came in to walk me down to the theatre, I walked in and all these people were mulling around and I could see this black trolley and Dr Morgan, he asked them to get me a step so I could get on the trolley and said to take off the headrest so they wouldn’t have to move me down to the foot rest. I was panicking like hell at this point, my heart was going crazy and I was stood there looking at this step and trolley thinking am I really going to do this to myself, are you sure you want to do this, but before I knew it I was on the bed, feet touching the foot rest, untangling my gown from underneath me (don’t want to be uncomfortable even when unconscious!) putting my left arm on the arm rest, someone came over and put a cuff on me.. I think thats what it was, the Dr Morgan got the other arm rest and put a monitor on my finger and it seemed like my heart was going crazy, he put a cannula into my arm and all I kept thinking was calm down, calm down, but my heart wouldn’t stop beating crazily, Dr Morgan then put a mask on my face and told me to take some nice slow breaths all it was was air and to breath calmly, I remember thinking is this going to put me to sleep, hes lying to me! Then I think I felt something cold in my hand and my eyes were trying to close and I thought, I’m not going to close my eyes!

And that was my last thought.

I’m working on this… more soon! lol

H x

Day Five

22 Aug

… I’m still alive! :D

I really don’t think I’m doing well on this LSD at all. I know most people probably feel the same. If only we had a way to look inside ourselves to see how the liver is doing! lol

I wish I didn’t have a “free” foods list, I see that and go into Slimming World mode :/

I posted on WLSinfo Facebook group last night and asked if anyone would look over My Fitness Pal for me and give any advice. I had a few replies that have helped me. One person has offered to send me her diet as it seems like mine, but with limits and I think I need that.

So from today I’m going to be a bit more restrictive and see how it goes.

I weighed this morning and I think I have lost about 5kg since I weighed at hospital, but I was in clothes there and I wasn’t this morning, so not sure if that is accurate, but I’ll take it for now.

I have cooked alot of quorn fillets so I think I’m going to mainly eat that with some cheese today. It’s kind of like chicken, but with more carbs …and not being chicken! lol



I went Walkies!

20 Jul
My baby girls, Fudge and Cady.

My baby girls, Fudge and Cady.

I got off my butt and did it. Wasn’t far, probably about a mile, but all it takes is one step to get you started, hoping I can keep it up now.

I went out in just a t-shirt and no coat and I noticed it was starting to cloud over and get more windy, but I didn’t care, it felt so nice, just feeling the cold wind on my skin and my hair blowing, it made me smile and feel sad at the same time. 15 years of my life was wasted being stuck indoors, to scared or not able to go out. To be out there today doing this for me, no one else but me, felt wonderful. My dogs were happy, I was happy and for those few minutes life felt good. I keep thinking about the possibilities of where life is going to take me once surgery is done and I really can’t wait to find out now.

I really enjoyed being out with my dogs today and making good choices. I can’t wait for more of that.

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